Arcadia Turf operating a Trebro Stackit Cutting Green Couch. November 2016
Turf and Landscaping Supplies - Services

There are many services we can provide, so if there is something specific you require, please feel free to contact us for a quote. Below is a brief summary for the most requested services.

Nursery and Turf Supplies

We have a large range of plants, shrubs, natives, ground covers, plams, cordylines and bromeliads to suit any type of garden.

We can also supply a range of soil prep that can be used to help promote turf and plant growth:

* Cane Mulch
* Soil Wetters
* Fertilizers
* Mushroom Compost

Turf Laying and Turf Prepping

We can lay up to 7,000 meters of turf per day. There's no job too small or large. We'll lay turf for domestic yards of only 5 meters, to commercial sites of 30,000 meters.
- Bowling greens - Golf Courses - Ovals - Parks - Domestic Lawns -

What ever your project size we can handle it.

We supply turf in 3 sizes:
Standard Slab . 400mm x 1250mm
Maxi Slab ...... 600mm x 1250mm
Jumbo Rolls .. 1.2M x 30m

BLEC Seeding

This is a well proved method of seeding turf and provides a very accurate seeding process.

Utilizing this equipment makes it ideal for seeding large projects


Domestic or Commercial, we can provide full landscaping services.

Lawn Recycling Service

Need a new lawn. Arcadia can kill off and Power Rake your old compacted turf in while adding soil additives to improve the soil.

Underground Tanks & Rainwater Harvesting

We can supply and install rainwater tanks, above ground or under ground. From 2,800 lt upto 1.5 million lt underground modular tanks.
01 Laser Measuring
02 Tanks installed
03 Earth recovered.

Artificial Surfaces - Children Play Areas

If you're looking for a soft and safe surface to use in childrens play areas, we have the perfect product.

Redcliffe City Golf Course - New Bunker and Grass Mound

Here we are creating a new grass mound and bunker at the Redcliffe City Golf Course.

Redcliffe City Golf Course - New Bunker and Grass Mound

Another angle of the new grass mound and bunker we are creating for the Redcliffe City Golf Course.

Tank & Shed Combo

We can supply as a combo deal, a 5000 litre Poly rainwater tank and a 3 x 3 meter shed, both on a Concrete Pad

Turf Planting

Picture of Turf being planted.

Using 10% planting rate.

Turf Planting

Our Planting technique has a 90% strike rate and we can plant 10,000 square meters per hour.

Picture shows planting after 4 days. Using 10% planting material. We can use 5% planting material if required.

Our Deep planting technique requires less irigation to establish.

Turf Planting

Picture shows same planting area after 4 weeks.

Using 10% planting rate.

Garden Equipment - Huts

We can supply a large range of outdoor equipment.

Soil Hydration

Soil Hydration
thumb  thumb  thumb  thumb

Water Saving/Storage Crystals can be inserted to a depth of 100mm. These crystals can increase in size up to 500 times allowing them to store a large amount of water. When the plant requires water, the crystals provide a slow release and won't flood the plant. Crystals retain the water for long periods, which ensures that your turf, lawn or sports field will have access to water during droughts or inbetween irrigation periods, drastically increasing the plants survival rate.

Sowing water crystals into the established ground root area, reduces water consumption and water evaporation.

Reduce Water.. The use of water crystals to store water is one of the most effective ways to reduce water consumption.
Increase Plant Surivival.. They are a boost for water conservation and plant health, helping to nurture plants by preventing stress both in drought and in times of excessive moisture.
Reduce Labour Costs.. As the crystals store water, you can reduce your need for irrigation by up to 50%

superblendArcadia Turf
Superblend Fertiliser
$25 per bucket.



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